Do you want to supply products or services to Asian customers?

Dedicated organization that you can trust
We offer stable services to companies expanding to Asia with the expertise and experience we have accumulated over the years.
Our professionals transform your valuable content with experience accumulated in various areas.
We always do our best to ensure that clients can trust us with their projects.

Components of Communication Services

TEXTree provides customized communication services that meet the needs of customers.
For global businesses, it is important to provide services systematically and with stability.

Localization Services

TEXTree offers localization services to help businesses overcome various cultural differences in Asia.
We localize user manuals, online help guides and product introduction pages, and also provide multilingual DTP services.

Increase Purchase 


If the product description on a website is offered in their native language, 74% of the people will become frequent customers.

Overseas Direct Purchase (year)


56% of Asian customers place more value in a product description written in their native language over price, when they make a purchase decision.



55% of the Asian customers prefer online shopping sites that are offered in their native language to those offered in other languages.

You can maximize funding through communication with Asian customers in their native languages.

Online Marketing Service

We analyze the target market and offer a campaign that is tailor-made for your product.
Our goal is to build a customized brand image for your product that match the current market trends of each country.

Native Communications

※TEXTree performs global marketing communication by hiring team members from various countries. We do this to understand the culture of each country and offer customized marketing that is tailored for the propensities of the potential customer.

Marketing Campaign

 We plan and propose marketing strategies that target customers by analyzing your products and services.

Creative Content

 We create various content such as images, videos, infographics, advertorials, etc. to increase client brand image by building rapport with customers.

Social Media Channel

We work with global content creators to provide promotion and advertising services that match social media channels specific to Asia.

Customer Service Center

TEXTree offers uninterrupted customer service to regardless of time, channel or device.

TEXTree’s contact center can help you build relationships with customers by improving the interaction with customers.

Contact Center Operation

 We provide a centralized customer service capable of handling customer inquiries and complaints received through various channels along with customer relation management. Since all the necessary information is centralized, focus can be given to communicating and taking care of customers.

Help Center Management

 We help you to efficiently utilize various information and knowledge such as product information, inquiry history and content management. All the content can be managed systematically so that customers can solve problems by themselves through self help options if desired.

Data Analysis and Monitoring

 By collecting data from customers’ activities and various channels, understanding the needs of customers can be easily achieved which leads to providing better experience to the customers.

Case Study

Based on thorough market research and understanding of cultural trends, TEXTree has been cooperating with various needs of customers.

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