Every global company goes through localization for business expansion; they state it is essential.

Do we really need localization?

Well, if you sell your product in your country and want to expand your business, then YES!
Although localization seems expensive, it will promise many benefits if you are doing business globally. Especially for Asian countries, there are lots of things to concern—Asian translation tend to be more difficult because their language contains Asian culture in depth, so it must be accurate localization compared to any other language.

With localization, following benefits await you :

#1 Tell your new customers you are ready to welcome!

Have you ever had any experience that you love some product and visited website to see more information, but all description was written in language you don’t understand? That’s exactly what your clients will feel. And we don’t want to have that terrible first impression for our business.

Rosetta Stone Business states that 56.2% of consumers say the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price which means language matters!
Localization can resolve this problem. Provide Asian customers your website in Asian translation to  show them you are ready to welcome them. They will be happy to explore your website!


#2 Penetrate your customers preference and satisfy them!

Remember that we should satisfy Asian customers with regard to their preference while they stay on our website.

Do you know that Western UI and Asian UI have different format and design? Naver news(Asian UI) and Google news(Western UI) can be a good example. Asian websites tend to have more words and information and call-to-action compared to Western websites. Western websites prefer to be simple and clean look with more pictures. Due to this difference, Asian users are more like to leave the Western style website because they find it difficult to obtain the information they want. Regarding this situation, localization can be a great help again. By localizing websites, it will prevent your targeting customers from leaving your website with information in preferred format.


#3 The most powerful strategy to beat your competitors!

Your competitor and you might have so much products/services in common. But, you can differentiate them with localization. Research by Common Sense Advisory argues that 84% of international customers claim they are more likely to buy products and services from websites which provide product information in their native language. So make your business outstanding among competitors with localization and enjoy your prominent position!

While your competitor keeps their Western styled website in English or any other language that Asian clients can never understand, your localized website and content will be loved by Asian clients. Localization, as the most powerful strategy to beat your competitors, enables you to set a pace for your competitors.


#4 Reach more clients and increase customer engagement!

Obviously, increasing the sales is the goal of localization. How can localization contribute to increase sales then? Localization will offer you localized content of not only product/service description but also marketing materials.

Marketing localization will drag more attention from Asian customers and enhance your marketing effectiveness. By running effective global marketing for targeting audience, you will reach more clients and your customer-friendly website will play a great role to make better customer engagement!


#5 Gain clients’ trust—make them come back!

According to Rosetta Stone Business, 5% increase in customer retention rates can increase profits from 25% to 85%. That is, making regular customers will result in increased sales.

To make regular customers, we should gain Asian clients’ trust. And localization can also make this to be happened. The key is communication. While you can offer limited information with simple translation or English to Asian customers which gives them a sense of distance, provide the information and services they want. Be always there for your Asian customers in their language. This will earn your customers’ trust by offering pleasant experience with your service and make them to come back again for sure.


#Localization – Make Your Market Entry Easy and Simple

Numerous global companies already went through localization to expand their business globally. IKEA decided to localize their business when some Asian customers bought and use a vase to drink water. If you plan to do business in Asia, introduce your customers with accurate Asian translation effectively with localization. Localization is the most powerful Asian market entry strategy which is easy and simple.

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You can refer to the TEXTree’s case study of localization below.

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