When you expand your business overseas with your products or services, the first thing you must do is making a website in targeting region’s languages. To complete this, what we need is localization service. In business context, localization means a lot more than translation. Localization is not simply replacing word in another languages but is recreating your website in terms of regional culture and sentiment. Therefore, it’s not enough if you just translate your website; you should look for a certified localization company who will introduce your website effectively to your targeting clients.

Especially when it comes to Asian localization services, cultural understanding matters a lot more since it has totally different origin of their languages. Thus, among numerous language service providers, it would promise you the better choice if you select localization service which is in similar language group with your targeting language. In case of Asia, having a local LSP, who understand local culture and mores, is more efficient and it determines the translation quality.

Then, how can we select Asian LSP located far far away?

Remember following 3 conditions, then you will have the best partnership in Asia.

#1 Systemic and Professional Service

Localization should deal with not only translation but also design, layout and communication methods. In other words, the best localization services must understand features of your products or services in depth and accurately. And for the next step, it should know whole business relationships and structure to suggest the most appropriate plan and execution process.

#2 Accumulated Experience in the Local Market

This is a must for localization service companies. When selecting a localization company, what you need to inspect is how many similar localizations references the company has, the size of projects and its bounds. And asking some companies and institutions that went through localization service a straightforward feedbacks and opinions regarding the service will also be helpful to make your decision.

#3 Technical Capability and Quality Guarantee

For localization services, a professional program or tools to manage Translation memory or term base is needed. This is not only to enhance translation efficiency and accuracy but also to maintain the localization service’s quality continuously. Therefore, it’s essential to examine the localization company has an effective technical support or capability to manage and maintain the translation quality and how effective its system because it will directly affect on quality.

#Localization – Make Your Market Entry Easy and Simple

Numerous global companies already went through localization to expand their business globally. Forever 21 is not appealing to the Korean market ever since they started their business in Korea because of poor localization. Their website provides a simple translation so that it makes Korean clients feel apart and unfamiliar. On the contrary, Uniqlo is creating a great profit in the Korean market with perfect localization.
If you plan to do business in Asia, introduce your customers with accurate Asian translation effectively with localization like Uniqlo. Localization is the most powerful Asian market entry strategy which is easy and simple.

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You can refer to the TEXTree’s case study of localization below.

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