#It’s all about conversion.

Do you wish your global business could increase customer retention and profits in the global market?
If so, it’s time to pay your attention to conversion rate on your website.
We can simply make your business successful with translation services with localization services, especially in Asia.


#The more conversion, the more profits!

Put your all-out effort to improve conversion rate. Since you decide to sell your product in the global market, what matters here is the first impression which will decide clients to whether show their interest on your product or shut your website.


#Hide your nationality!

In the global market, offering customers localized websites is vital. This will help you to build a familiar relationship between your global consumer and you. Offer the website in their native language with accurate translation services and make them can’t even notice your company is a foreign company and become familiar easily.


#Successful Story of Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a global travel website which enables clients to compare and make a reservation of flight tickets, hotels and car rental service at once founded in 2003. They advanced into Korean market from Singapore in 2011 constructing Korean website for Korean clients. Standing on the starting line, Skyscanner tried to offer Koreanized website and mobile in Korean to have a look like a Korean company,  create an intimate relationship and communicate with Korean clients.

As a result, in the year of 2015, they achieved a 134.6% growth rate compared to the previous year. In addition, Korean clients’ mobile access took the first place in the global market. In short, Skyscanner’s strategic approach to Korean clients succeeded by enhancing the conversion rate in their website and application.


#70% conversion rate at one step.

According to Common Sense Advisory, Sri Sharma, Net Media Planet’s Managing Director, insists that their clients witnessed a 20% increase on average in conversion when landing pages and ads were in the local language. In addition, it showed 70% of conversion rate when fully localized website and content in the local language and currency. What this research tells us is that localization helps!


#Asian countries are non-English speaking.

Especially the Asian market, localization is not an option as if you try to make profits. For example, according to Common Sense Advisory, the percentage of those who buy only at local-language websites increases more than 70% of consumers in Japan. This is not a surprising survey result if you understand that Asian consumers live in non-English speaking countries. In short, there’s no reason to hesitate to localize your website for your successful business in Asia.


#Localization – Make Your Market Entry Easy and Simple

Numerous global companies already have gone through localization for their global business expansion.
Localization is not an option for global companies anymore for successful business expansion, and it determines success and failure.

Forever 21 is not appealing to the Korean market ever since they started their business in Korea because of poor localization.
Their website provides a simple translation so that it makes Korean clients feel apart and unfamiliar.

On the contrary, Uniqlo is creating a great profit in the Korean market with perfect localization.
If you plan to do business in Asia, make successful business expansion of your own just like Uniqlo.blank


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Make your Asian business EASY AND SIMPLE!

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