When companies doing business in Asian or any other global market, most of them introduce the English-only website to global clients. This is a surprising experience that most of my clients from Western countries think that Asian customers will understand and love their English-only websites when I consult my clients. I always give them a sincere advice; accurate Asian translation service, localization, is essential for the Asian business.


# English can be never enough.

How many people speak English in the worldwide? Out of the world’s 7.5 billion people, only 1.5 billion speak English—20% of the Earth’s population. And they are not mother-tongue in English. Approximately 330-360 million people speak English–only 6%— as the first language. In other words, we can say more than 90% speaks any other language than English.

Despite the enormous population from non-English speaking countries worldwide, Western companies tend to be dependent on English too much. This belief is driven by the selection of English as the first official language and the identical language originality among European languages. However, if you want to expand your business in Asia or any other countries, English can be never enough.


# Reach more non-English speaking users.

“By 2030, Asia will account for the largest share of global GDP at around 40 percent. China will account for approximately half of that, and will be roughly on par with North America and Europe,” BMI’s Cedric Chehab said in an October 25 presentation. This explains pretty much why we need to take Asia into consideration for your global profits. So long as Asia occupies 40 % of global GDP, we need to pay attention and make efforts to capture the Asian market rather than other regions to create global profits.

A recent cross-national study by Singh, Fassott, Chao, and Hoffman [2006] provides empirical evidence that effective localization reportedly can produce a 200% increase in the e-sales of a company, outside its language borders. In this context, to achieve global profits in near future, enterprise websites will need to have more than its English website. In other words, your localized website will reach more people and will guarantee the increased sales outcomes, so prepare multilingual website in advance!


#Target rising ‘niche’ market

According to Common Sense Advisory (CSA), enterprises will need to translate content into a steadily increasing number of “niche” languages in order to reach small but fast-growing economies. You saw the big population of non-English speaking, approximately 80% worldwide. Thus, you need to strategically approach the global market which doesn’t speak English by localization; target the emerging ‘niche’ market for your global profits.

For instance, in the field of e-commerce and application purchase market, Asia—Korea, Japan and China—is taking up the largest portion and rapidly rising compared to another region. Therefore, if you offer your website in their language, you are effectively advancing into and capturing the Asian market, and this will generate great profits with competitiveness.


#Localization – Make Your Market Entry Easy and Simple

Numerous global companies already have gone through localization for their global business expansion. Localization is not an option for global companies anymore for successful business expansion, and it determines success and failure.

Forever 21 is not appealing to the Korean market ever since they started their business in Korea because of poor localization. Their website provides a simple translation so that it makes Korean clients feel apart and unfamiliar.

On the contrary, Uniqlo is being loved by Korean consumers creating a great profit in the Korean market with perfect localization. If you plan to do business in Asia, communicate your customers with accurate Asian translation effectively with localization like Uniqlo.

Localization is the most powerful and effective tool for your business in Asia.



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