# 5 Best Practices of Mobile App Localization

‘Yoink’ increased the sales by 300% just by providing Asian languages! ‘Yoink’, the software of Eternal Storms Software for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, has experienced 305% increase in sales after they provide the application in Japanese, China for 144% and Korea for 16%. They decided to localize their application into 6 languages besides default [...]

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# 4 TIPS to reduce translation cost

Intro According to the research Jian Yang conducted in English Today, less than 1 % of the population in China speaks English. That’s fewer than one in 100. In addition, about 72% of Japanese people aged 20–49 said they either “cannot speak English” (41.6%) or “can only string together some words” (30.4%), admitting they [...]

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#English, of no value for global “niche” market.

When companies doing business in Asian or any other global market, most of them introduce the English-only website to global clients. This is a surprising experience that most of my clients from Western countries think that Asian customers will understand and love their English-only websites when I consult my clients. I always give them [...]

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#Fascinate Your Global Consumers! #Make Global Profits

#It’s all about conversion. Do you wish your global business could increase customer retention and profits in the global market? If so, it’s time to pay your attention to conversion rate on your website. We can simply make your business successful with translation services with localization services, especially in Asia. blank #The more conversion, the [...]

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# 3 Conditions of the Best Localization Service

When you expand your business overseas with your products or services, the first thing you must do is making a website in targeting region’s languages. To complete this, what we need is localization service. In business context, localization means a lot more than translation. Localization is not simply replacing word in another languages but [...]

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