# 5 Best Practices of Mobile App Localization

‘Yoink’ increased the sales by 300% just by providing Asian languages! ‘Yoink’, the software of Eternal Storms Software for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, has experienced 305% increase in sales after they provide the application in Japanese, China for 144% and Korea for 16%. They decided to localize their application into 6 languages besides default [...]

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# 4 TIPS to reduce translation cost

Intro According to the research Jian Yang conducted in English Today, less than 1 % of the population in China speaks English. That’s fewer than one in 100. In addition, about 72% of Japanese people aged 20–49 said they either “cannot speak English” (41.6%) or “can only string together some words” (30.4%), admitting they [...]

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#English, of no value for global “niche” market.

When companies doing business in Asian or any other global market, most of them introduce the English-only website to global clients. This is a surprising experience that most of my clients from Western countries think that Asian customers will understand and love their English-only websites when I consult my clients. I always give them [...]

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